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Big 5 Hunting South Africa & Mozambique

Big 5 hunting are among the most dangerous, yet most popular species for the big game. The term “big five” began as a way of referring to the five animals most difficult to hunt on foot. The lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo were the five large African  species. They were known to hunters as dangerous. Successfully hunting them was considered an accomplishment.

For many hunters, bagging Africa’s Big Five is a lifelong dream. Testing your skills against some of the most difficult predators on Earth, are one reason for choosing a Big 5 hunt. Yet some people shy away from fulfilling this dream. They feel overwhelmed by the process of making it a reality. While others undertake this life-changing journey without proper preparation. Hunting the Big 5 in Africa is a big deal. But like all goals, preparing for it requires a series of relatively simple steps.
Every hunt outfitter has its own ways of doing things. Big 5 hunts typically follow the same general patterns. You might visit different countries or take parts of the hunt in a different order, but the basics are usually the same
Hunting the Big 5 in Africa is a dream trip for many hunters, but the opportunity window may be closing. Public support for hunting in general, has led to a flurry of new legal restrictions. Even hunting bans in some countries. This, in turn, has caused prices to rise. Many hunting outfitters turn to specialization in one or two types of quarry. If you dream of hunting the Big 5 in a single, epic trip, now is the time to do so.
South Africa has been one of the most reliable African countries to spot all the Big 5  animals for a long time. Cabassa Safaris one of South Africa’s extraordinary hunting destinations is home to all Big 5 animals, and while it is easily accessible and affordable, it is also very well-managed. 
The Big 5 are a celebrated bunch. They capture the attention of people from all ranges of the spectrum; travelers, tourists, locals, animal-lovers, and sport hunters alike flock to the continent in hopes of catching a glimpse of these rare and enchanting animals. Would you dare to come face to face with one of these beautiful beasts?

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