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Cabassa Safaris Flights

European flights usually arrive with plenty of time to connect to your local destination. Should you be going on to Mozamique, you will need to arrive by 9am on the day of you Mozambique departure.

For Hunters arriving from New York gets in at 8am and the connecting flights to neighbouring countries or local destinations can be made on the same day with ease.

Hunters arriving from the USA via Washington or Atlanta get into Johannesburg in the afternoon and will usually be able to connect to their local destinations of Port Elizabeth or Bloemfontein on time.

They will however need to overnight in Johannesburg to fly to other countries such as Mozambique or Zimbabwe. The flights to these destinations depart around mid-day.

For overnight stays at the airport, we can highly recommend the City Lodge Hotel O.R Tambo. It is vary reasonably prices and you can walk to it.

Please note that should you be flying to our Niassa Province concession, you will land at Lichinga and then on to camp by road (±2 hours drive). You will need to fly from Johannesburg to Maputo and then overnight in Maputo.

The only Lichinga flight leaves at 7am from Maputo. You will also need to spend a night in Maputo on you return, as there is not enough time between connections to reliably make the flight.

All arriving hunters must clear customs and declare all firearms / ammo and/or bows in Johannesburg.

We highly recommend that you use the “pre-approved permit” service that is currently offered by the Professional Hunters Association of South Africa (PHASA).

They will get your temporary import permits done before your arrival and this will save you hours at the airport

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