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Children with early learning opportunities stay longer at school and perform better, than their piers.

Developing community based early learning opportunities and scaling up successful approaches is the focus in Mozambique. This is where our community project comes in hand. 

Our dream:

Since we have been operating in Mozambique, we have a dream to help and make a difference. And we came to the conclusion to really make a difference is to start with the kids, and what better way than to provide them with a proper education.

At first we were under the impression that the Mozambique government are not willing to provide them with education but that’s not the case.The Mozambique government supply teachers to all remote villages the problem lies in the facilities.

And it’s just there were we know what our mission will be: Provide these kids with a building where they can receive the education that we all had. Cabassa Safaris’s  focus lies on the primary school students from age 7 to 12, as secondary schools are built by the Mozambique government.

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The Community Project:

Cabassa Safaris will  construct a building with 12 classrooms and a room for the teacher where he can prepare his lectures and store the books and food for the children.

We also provide the kids with proper benches and chairs to sit on as it’s a big problem at the current classrooms. We also hope to provide these kids proper books and pens.

The biggest obstacle is not building the schools or to find the building material but to transport the material to the village which are in very remote areas in Mozambique.

Be part of this community project:

We invite every one of you to be part of this exciting community project. We hope to construct 2 of these buildings in 2020 and many more in the future. This the chance where you can make a change. We know the biggest problem when we donate to program is to know if its really going where its suppose to go.

If you make a donation towards making these kids dreams come true, you will be added to our mail list where you will be updated on the progress of the project