Private Hunting Farms

Hunting is available on privately game ranches all over South Africa:
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Cabassa Safaris South Africa is one of the most sought-after destinations for trophy hunters, and rightfully so. More importantly, Cabassa Safaris South Africa offers a selection of trophy animals which is
second to none in the world.

Private Farms Hunting

Hunting is available on privately game ranches all over South Africa: Free State – Eastern Cape – Western Cape – Limpopo – North West -Northern Cape

Black Wildebeest Hunting
Sable Hunting
Gemsbok Hunting
Sable Hunting
Oribi Hunting
Lion Hunting
Black Wildebeest Hunting
Sable Hunting
Springbok Hunting
Kudu Hunting
Oribi Hunting
Red Hartebeest Hunting
Impala Rooibok Hunting
Black Wildebeest Hunting
Giraffe Hunting
Black Wildebees Hunting
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Warthog Hunting
Reedbuck Hunting
Roosevelt Sable
Eland Hunting
White Blesbuck Hunting

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Eastern Cape Province

Cabassa Safaris have hunting rights on more than 150 000 acres of land, which is home to top class Plains Game species. The Eastern Cape is well known for its smaller species of blue duiker, oribi, vaal reedbuck, Cape greybuck, caracal, bush pigs and many more. Eastern Cape terrain varies according to the area and is extremely diverse; it changes from coastal to evergreen forest to valley bush, Karoo semi-desert, high mountain grasslands with an amazing variety of flora.

Free State Private Game Ranch

Cabassa Safaris have access to hunt on more than 200 000 acres of private hunting farms in the Free State. The private hunting frams are well managed and offer the discerning hunter world class trophies. The hunting terrain varies from open grassland to koppies (small hills) to thicker bushveld. Our references can confirm that some of the best Cape buffalo trophies are hunted in our concessions.


Limpopo Province

The province is well known for its bow hunting and diversity of several cat species such as civet, genet, honey badger. Cabassa Safaris has access to concessions bordering the Kruger National Park where there is exceptional buffalo hunting. Most bow hunting takes place at waterholes and blinds built on paths, as well as the opportunity to walk and stalk.

Northern Cape Province

The Northern Cape is well known for its own hunting numbers of springbuck. Cabassa Safaris has access to areas in the Northern Cape where you can hunt all the different colour springbuck in one area.

North West Province

Much of the province consists of flat areas, scattered trees, grassland and soft Kalahari sand which makes it perfect for tracking lion – and that’s exactly what we do there. Most of Cabassa Safaris’ South African lions are hunted in the North West Province.