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Cabassa Safaris main lodge in the Free State is located between two big water sources: The Vaal and the Vetriver that flow into the Bloemhof Dam.

This is home of thousand of huntable waterfowl, such as Egyptian geese, Spur wing geese, and numerous species of ducks.

The Free State province has some of the most fertile land in South Africa and there are numerous of sunflower and peanut fields which are the feeding grounds for millions of doves. Dove shooting will usually be around a thousand shots per day.

We also have big areas for game bird species, such as guineafowl, pheasants and francolins. South Africa has an abundance of wild birds and provides the bird enthusiasts with variety to hunt from.

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We are firm believers in promoting the motto of “The family that hunts together stays together”.

When it`s a Family Tradition

When families pass down the honoured traditions of hunting and showing respect for wildlife and the land that sustain their lives, then this harmony itself is an act of conservation.